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Elliott Bringman, MA is a Northern California-based fitness and yoga professional.  As a TRX Certified Coach with specializations in Functional Training, Yoga, and the triathlon endurance sports (swimming, running, cycling), Elliott combines the best of strength, cardio, and mobility work to elevate your physicality to the next level.  


Elliott holds the following exercise science qualifications:

  • Certified Fitness Trainer - National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association
  • E-RYT 200 Certified Yoga Instructor - Yoga Alliance; E-RYT designates over 1,000 hours of teaching
  • Certified Indoor-Cycling Instructor - Team ICG
  • TRX Certified Coach qualified in Suspension Training, Group Suspension Training, Rip Training, Functional Training, Group Training, and Advanced Group Training

fitness facilities served

Elliott has taught at the San Francisco Bay Area's Top Fitness Facilities:

  • TRX Global Training Center
  • The Pacific Union Club
  • The Bay Club - Marin
  • JCC of San Francisco
  • JCC of The Peninsula
  • StudioMix
  • Active Sports Clubs

Elliott is the creator of PranaCycle, his trademarked cycling & mobility practice that he has grown over the past five years.  He is also the creator of Suspension Yoga, a unique yoga flow utilizing the Suspension Trainer to build greater strength and increase mobility through classical yoga postures. 

Elliott holds both bachelor's and master's degrees in Germanic Languages and Literatures from UC Santa Barbara, with distinction.  He is also a US Fulbright Scholar, having represented the US at an inner-city Berlin high school from 2002-03.

Elliott has broad experience successfully guiding clients to achieve success and meet their goals for the long run.  Join today to get the life you've always wanted.


ONE PERSON (based upon a one-month subscription)

1 x per week - $120/session ($480/month)

2 x per week - $100/session ($800/month)

3 x per week - $95/session ($1,140/month)


TWO PEOPLE (based upon a one-month subscription per person)

1 x per week - $75/session per person ($300/month)

2 x per week - $70/session per person ($560/month)

3 x per week - $65/session per person ($780/month)



This is what they're saying...

"I trained with Elliott and thought he was excellent. Very thoughtful, articulate, well organized and in tune with my needs. I would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Elliott as a trainer. He would be good with a novice all the way to a professional athlete.”

- William Evers, Managing Partner / The Presidio Group


"Elliott got me moving after I fell off the wagon for working out.  I hate doing cardio and Elliott not only made my cardio workout bearable, he made it fun!  He is kind and playful, and extremely knowledgable."

- Alexis Craig, TRX Master Instructor & Founder of Transformative Fitness


"Thanks to Elliott's workouts, I got into the best shape of my adult life.  He incorporates cardio, strength training, and yoga into the workouts, and the variety keeps it interesting and fun.  Elliott is really encouraging, and before you know it, he has challenged you beyond your physical limits. I can't recommend Elliot highly enough!"

- Carole Vigne, Attorney & Working Mom


"I had a great experience working out with Elliott.  His workouts were tough, varied, and fun.  He provided a great mix of cardio and strength training, and he definitely pushed me to challenge myself and get stronger!"

- Adena Friedman, San Francisco Working Mom 


About Elliott

Elliott Bringman, MA is a movement-based strength and performance specialist with primary focuses on functional training, cardio training, and mobility/flexibility practices.  Elliott is a Northern California native, where the natural geography lends itself well to an organic Olympics comprised of action sports like mountaineering, skiing, surfing, running, swimmingyoga, and boulder hopping.  It's a unique universe where everyone is called to blend their physical practices with the other-worldly natural environment.  Elliott loves participating in this organic olympics whenever possible, and wants you to do the same.


As the grandson of a World War II drill sergeant who later succumbed to the physical limitations that Multiple Sclerosis imparts on its victims, Elliott views movement and breath as a gift that everyone is called to honor - as you never know when it will be taken from you.

Truly, Elliott believes that everyone should celebrate every single day they are able to be active, able to breathe, and able to give thanks for the gift of Life we all have been granted.  As a fitness professional, Elliott's mission is to help you have the most rad life possible.  Be rad, my friends.  

Some Of My Favorite Things

Favorite mountaineering spot

Yosemite National Park.  

favorite fitness modalities

Yoga, TRX, Swimming.

dream adventure

Costa Rica Surfari . . . Okay, and an Australian Surfari, too.

Whenever there's a breakdown, there's a breakthrough


A Little More About Me

I was just a kid growing up in an oil-refining town in the East San Francisco Bay.  My parents instilled in me the importance of being physically fit and active from a very young age.  My dad is the ultimate mountain-man, having been born and raised in Alaska when it was still a territory.  He shared with me a love for spending time outdoors in the wilderness and paying respect to the unparalleled natural landscapes we enjoy in America. By the time my dad was 14, his father's Multiple Sclerosis consigned him to a wheelchair, and their ability to enjoy the outdoors together was cut short. This inspired him to make sure he showed me and my sister how physical fitness can take you to landscapes you've only dreamed about.  

Family-time centered around hiking and backpacking in the High Sierras, body surfing in the Pacific Ocean, skiing Lake Tahoe, swimming the Yuba River, and mountain biking the East Bay Hills and Sierra Nevada Foothills.  My mom was a life-long swimmer, and it was her influence that would cement my love of aquatics. As a former member of the Navy Medical Corp stationed in Guam, she loved the ocean and the spirit of the water.  She put me in the pool by the time I was one-year old, and drove me to countless practices and swim meets.  It was in swimming that I found focus through rhythmic breathing, stroke technique, and cardiovascular & muscular endurance.    

While I may not have been the best competitive swimmer, or runner, or cyclist, I knew that by keeping consistent with my practice that it would yield benefits that no one singular competition would ever give me.  I knew that I would generate holistic health & wellness for my body, my spirit, and my overall well-being.  I will go so far as to say that physical training is what kept (and still keeps me) me going.

No doubt, in the years that ensued and through the in-depth education I received in my time as a fitness professional, I learned that if you train your body to move well, then the rest of the physical equation follows.  By training, you will have gratitude for your physicality, your natural environment, and you will live a life that allows you to be the best version of you possible.

Fitness is my passion.  It is my goal to help you get to a place where you can experience the best that life has to offer with strength, with agility, and with power.  In a world that wants you to sit down and be quiet, I want you to stand up, shout, and join my MOVEment!

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